urea woven bag
urea woven bag
urea woven bag
urea woven bag

Item specifics

Top Option
Round and heat cut
Bottom Option
Double fold double stitch
Color printing
Surface Handling
Aqueous Coating(Gravure Printing)
UV Protection
2% or 200 KLY
Bag weight
90 g
230 pcs/ bale

Product review



PP woven bag for urea is specially used for the packaging and transportation of chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers are necessary for agricultural production, can promote the growth of crops, and provide nutrients for crops. For fertilizer manufacturers, the transportation and storage of fertilizers is an important process. In order to prevent the fertilizer from getting wet, volatilized, and heated during transportation, this 50 kg pp woven bag for urea equipped with liner and the top is heat cut with liner and the bottom is double fold and stitch, which ensure that bag will not affect the subsequent use of fertilizers.

In agricultural product packaging, pp woven bag for urea have been widely used in aquatic product packaging, poultry feed packaging, covering materials for farms, shades for crop cultivation, windproof, hailproof sheds and other materials.

Product Parameters

Top Option: Round and heat cut

Bottom Option: Double fold double stitch

Style: Color printing

Surface Handling: Aqueous Coating(Gravure Printing)

Laminated: yes

UV Protection: 2% or 200 KLY

Fabric: 85gsm

Bag weight: 90 g

Packaging: 230 pcs/ bale


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